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"Your Heart is like the ocean, mysterious and dark."   Bob Dylan

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"They say one day you'll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember" Avicci

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Magic Moments

"If a story is in you , it has to come out" William Faulkner


My readers will find meaning in my written pages.

As a new author you will undoubtedly shed tears of joy the first time your printed book is placed in your arms. It will be like your new baby with page numbers.

     A greater joy awaits you as you set up a book signing and present your pride and joy to the world. As you can see by the authors and their excited buyers, there is tremendous satisfaction in leaving your mark on the world!

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"If you want to be successful, find out what the price is, and then pay it."

Scott Adam

PAT HURLEY—Ghostwriting resume
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B.A. Degree in Government      1971
Sacramento State College    
Selected Ghostwriting Credits


Empowered” by Sheila Renee
The miraculous turnaround of a girl abused in childhood, battered in her marriage, and left without hope and who finally found healing salvation. Inspiring and warm-hearted.

Build On Successful Strategies (B.O.S.S.) by Tonya Kirkpatrick.

A dynamic and practical book on how to become a corporate leader 

My Mother’s Daughter” 
The heartwarming tale of a young woman who adores her mother and because of their love was able to survive a teen pregnancy, an abusive husband and one failure in life after another.

Chet Coppock: “Laying it on the Line” by Chet Coppock
An entertaining tell-all by one of America’s most outrageous sports journalists.

Playing from the Heart” by Roger Crawford
The inspirational life story of a one-legged tennis player who made it into the Tennis Hall of Fame.

The Burning” by Devin K. Assante
A thriller based on The Great London Fire highlighting a psychopath pursuing an innocent English country girl and impregnating here producing a child that a major religious sect believes to be the Antichrist. 

The Father Code" by Dr. John Thurber
A biblical and practical look on how to be a great dad.

“The Retirement Coaching Guide” by Lance Ortiz
Common problems, Uncommon Solutions. A powerful retirement investment guide for senior citizens.

The Crescent Star” by Jenny Luangrath 
The inspiring story of a charismatic Laotian girl who emigrates to the U.S. and overcomes adversity, the Hollywood party scene, lost love and betrayal and finds herself through metaphysical healing. 

Bringing David Home” by Patti Smith
The poignant struggle of a family reunion of a convicted murderer moving in with his older sister and her family after thirty years in prison. 
How High Can You Bounce?” by Roger Crawford The quality of resilience as explained by a handicapped athlete who uses his own lessons from life to show others how to bounce back with poise and passion.         
The Ultimate Sacrifice” by Andrew Lombardo
The chilling true story of the murder and subsequent trial of Thomas Foley and whether he was responsible for killing his wife, Darlene. 

Your Work in Progress” by Russ Porter
At the age of 42, Russ Porter suffered a heart attack. His survival prompted him to not only put his own life in order but motivated him to challenge others to not take their lives for granted. 

The Beast Within Me
A sobering tale of how a young man overcame demonic possession and broke free to live a successful and fulfilling life. 

Rescuing Danielle” by Leisara Jacobs
The chilling true story of a young girl who was kidnapped and sold into sex trafficking and rescued twice by her older sister

The Bible as a User Manual” by Evan Wride
A non-preachy everyday guide on how to use Bible verses for health management, finances, marriage, social relationships, family life and our purpose on earth. 

Wings” by Jinane Annous
A poetry book about a romance between a man and a woman. 160 pages of vignettes of every imaginable emotion detailing the joy, confusion, hurt, abuse, abandonment, excitement, and intimacy of a love that did not work out.

One Last Kiss” by Keith Leust
The courageous story of Joannie Leust, a vibrant wife and loving mother who lost her battle to cancer told poignantly by her husband.


The Lake” by Howard Flaherty
The true story of a young man who fell from grace and lost it all; his wife, his reputation and his career. He overcame the shame of his mistake and learned to trust again and love himself. Today he is a successful businessman with a happy marriage.
Kulture Klash” by Terry Barber
An entertaining satire about an attempted corporate takeover in 5th Century Egypt    

Lincoln’s Paramour” by Devin K. Assante
A fantasy romance about Abraham Lincoln and his first love, a black slave girl who grew up with him on a plantation.     

“Between Dreams” by Cynthia Austin
A science fiction romantic mystery about an 18-year-old girl, her rock star boyfriend and evil spirits from the Netherworld.

Between Dreams II” The Sequel

Can I Borrow Soy Sauce?” by Lucy Alviz Pepper
The humorous adventures of an Asian family in America    



Castille"  The Miniseries by Rex Hime
A four-night saga about two warring families beginning in Spain in the 19th century and moving to Mexico and California.

The Senator’s Wife” by Renee Ford.
A story about a powerful politician, his dynamic wife, and their dysfunctional marriage.

Mentoring Roger” by Tony Fisher
An inspirational drama about a one-legged tennis player who made it to the Tennis Hall of Fame.   

Rise” by Kirk McCormick 
The heart-warming story of a black baseball star and his mentor.

Screenplay - Industrial

The Good News Kids Club: Asthma” by Terry Barber A 25-minute entertaining DVD for juvenile patients struggling with asthma and how to manage it.
Ghostwriting subjects

Bios, Leadership, Politics, Business, Self-help, Sci-fi, Romance, Motivation, Human interest, Drama, Humor, History, Social commentary, Religion, Culture, Inspirational, Mystery, Psychology, Philosophy, Relationships, Poetry, Entertainment, Medicine, The Bible, Youth culture, Family life, Church ministry, Teacher motivation, Campus life, Trivia, Music, Nostalgia, Period pieces and Suspense. 
Special ghostwriting assets and skills

Quick turnaround time
Vivid characters
Word pictures
Master of trivia
Works well with people    
Reads over 2,000 words per minute
Types 120 words per minute

Patrick Hurley has ghost-written over 150 books since 2015. He has addressed more than seven million people in 47 states with his Humor with a Message, Inc. training, leadership, and consulting since 1970.  He has won an Emmy award and was the host, head writer and associate producer for two other Emmy award winning shows. Pat currently resides in Orange County, CA. 


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