Magic Moments

"If a story is in you , it has to come out"    William Faulkner

As a new author, you will shed tears of joy the first time your printed book is placed in your arms. It will be like your new baby with page numbers.

A greater joy awaits you as you set up a book signing and present your pride and joy to the world. As you can see by the authors and their excited buyers, there is tremendous satisfaction in leaving your mark on the world!


"Why Pat Hurley"

"Simply, my book would not exist with out Pat Hurley's creativity, guidance, editing skills and mastery of words. I am a Type A personality that likes to have his way, but Pat had patience and compassion that relentlessly led me to the right answers. I learned much from the writing collaboration that simultaneously changed my life and created a book!" Evan Wride

"A brilliant, authentic, true to his word Ghostwriter who helps to make your written art a masterpiece. Pat will listen to your story, showcase your vision, and guide you toward your goal! I've worked with him on two projects and look forward to many more with him!" Jill Mortenson

"I sent Pat Hurley my proposed 600-page manuscript and he called me and said, "You have enough material for five books here!" Then he asked me, "Tell me your reading audience!" I said, "Corporate and Christian!" He laughed and challenged me, "Pick one!" Five books later, I am a successful author and motivational speaker in the corporate sector. The man is a genius!" Randy Fox

"For 14 years, I struggled with guilt over my Christian past with most of those years in therapy. Pat worked with me on my book and I fell in love with myself again! Mr. Hurley is not just a ghostwriter, he is a lover of people." Martin Prince

"I grew up with a tortured past and as an adult, God's grace healed my traumatic wounds. I wanted to write a book about it but was worried it would be too depressing. Patrick showed me a way to make it victorious and inspirational! He put a smiling picture of me on the front cover and entitled it, 'Empowered.' It WORKED!" Sheila Renee

"As one of the best ghostwriters in the country, Pat Hurley is honest, resourceful, caring, and AFFORDABLE!!" Lindsey Carl

"Looking for someone to help with the book you've been wanting to write, that dream you've always wanted to share? You've come to the right place. Patrick Hurley is one of a kind. My manuscript was a mess, yet under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Pat turned it into a wonderful piece of literature!"  Volner Alexander

"Pat Hurley is an extraordinary writer and even better person. I have had the pleasure of working with Pat on two projects and he greatly exceeded my expectations. If you're looking for someone to take your words from good to great, connect with Pat today!"  Roger Crawford

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